About Us

Our company specializes in the removal of mold in both home and commercial areas in Miami. We are proud to uphold the following values:

⦁ Friendliness
⦁ Quality Service
⦁ Affordability

We aim to create an ideal environment where the client enjoys the services offered and does not complain about the prices. You shouldn’t have to worry about mold on your premises. The company has employed skilled professionals that offer multiple services to clients.

Overall, the company wishes to make a difference in the mold remediation industry. Please give us a call if you would like to employ our services.

Free Mold Inspection

Notably, our company offers free mold inspection services in Miami. Our professionals visit your home or commercial space and provide a free inspection. You only have to pay once you agree on a suitable mold remediation plan. Call us today if you need a free inspection!

Mold Remediation

We employ the latest gadgets and tools to ensure that the mold remediation offered by our company is highly effective. The remediation technique offered aims at reducing mold property damage and reversing the effects of water damage. Do you already have mold in your home? Give us a call!


Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, our company offers excellent cleaning and disinfection services for your home. Avoid the risk of contracting the virus by hiring us to disinfect your home. Stay safe at home! Give us a call now!

Water Damage Restoration

Water damage restoration in Miami is an easy task using our company. The company makes sure to trace the source of water if it's unknown. The techniques employed aim at reversing the effects of water damage. Our water damage restoration crew ensures that it effectively dries the water and monitors the drying process to avoid mold formation. Don’t wait for mold to form. Contact us now!

Mold Insurance

The company offers excellent insurance that covers any mold in your home or commercial space. The insurance provides quality personnel that regularly inspect your premise for mold and remediate affected areas for free. You deserve to live and work without stressing about mold on your ceiling, floor, walls, or AC. Call us today!

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