Free Mold Inspection

Mold inspection is a crucial aspect of purchasing or owning a home. In Miami, our company offers free mold inspection services to our clients. You only need to give us a call and leave the rest to us!

The inspections involve looking for areas where mold might have formed or areas with moisture. A mold inspector in Miami only needs a flashlight to assess your home. However, sometimes mold inspectors require special equipment to access hard to reach areas.

Who Needs Mold Inspection

Typically, everyone needs mold inspection in their homes to avoid mold damage. However, the following individuals should immediately seek our free mold inspection service in Miami by giving us a call.

free mold inspection services in Miami.

⦁ Anyone affected by water damage. Water damage can be caused by storms, broken pipes or plumbing, and water spillage in your home. After the water has dried, it is essential to seek out mold inspection services in Miami.
⦁ You have just purchased a new home. To ensure that your home is free of mold, you need an inspection before you move in. Our company offers free mold inspection services in Miami.
⦁ You have moved to a previously occupied home. You need free mold inspection services to avoid mold in a previously occupied house. Nothing hurts more than moving in a house that constantly smells because of mold.

In Miami, mold inspection is a necessity, especially due to the humid weather in the city. Mold inspection is a task that takes a few hours and doesn’t require any special equipment except a moisture meter. You shouldn’t have to pay for such services. Our company provides free mold inspection services. You only pay for your mold remediation plan once the mold is located. Give us a call for a free inspection to find out if mold is in your home or commercial site. Once your free inspection is done, we can work out an affordable mold remediation plan.

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