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Mold in your ventilation system or vents poses several challenges. Using the AC unit could cause significant health problems from breathing the dirty air which might contain things like fungi. Mold forms in the AC unit, too, as a result of moisture forming in the vents.

Miami is a hot, humid place, and this is often the perfect conditions for mold and fungi to thrive in your HVAC system. Once you start to smell it, colonies have already formed and developed, and you definitely need the experts to come in and take a look.

Our company offers the best AC mold removal services in Miami. You don’t have to worry about purchasing a new AC system because of mold infestation. We always offer effective property remediation in Miami to ensure that you save money. Contact us today for excellent deals!

How to Know If Your AC Has Mold

It’s difficult to know if your AC system has mold without a visual inspection. However, there are other methods that you can use to identify whether your duct has mold.

⦁ Your house smells when you use the AC. The mold in the vents gets heated and creates a foul smell.
⦁ You have headaches that manifest when you are indoors, and you have your air conditioning on. Inhaling the fungi and mold spores can cause severe headaches.
⦁ You have a sore throat and cough each time that you use the AC. Fungi and mold spores can cause sore throats or coughing because of inhaling air containing mold.

If you have any of the above signs and symptoms, give us a call! You need the services of the best AC removal company in Miami.

Our company offers excellent diagnosis and mold remediation services. Don’t stress about AC mold removal in Miami. Let us take care of it! Avoid purchasing a new AC by calling the best AC mold removal company in Miami!

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